Who We Are?


Who We Are?

Caribbean Rain Solutions is a business that arises with the objective to bring to the market different Eco-Friendly systems as alternative for residential and industrial customers.  We have the approach to offer responsible and competitive solutions that contribute with our environment resource conservation.  We are a young, responsible, honest, conscious and guided business to encourage the green technology development in our society.



Our mission is to contribute with the development of sustainable homes and commerce. We have the goal to achieve that each citizen has an economic, energetic and environmental saving of lifelong. We operate with responsibility, honesty and quality to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with our services.



Our vision is to create awareness of the good use and management of the natural resources.   We offer high quality products and services, facilitating the process of the green technology implantation as lifestyle.  Caribbean Rain Solutions work steadily with accelerated steps, towards the future, to supply each client needs and promote the conservation of our environment.

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