How to save in my water bill?

Different studies show that the average consumption of water per person per day in developed countries, it becomes twice as necessary, with washing machine, shower and cisterns that spend more.

How to save more water?

A first step would be to implement the recovery of rain water in our homes and / or businesses, ultimately, be more self-sufficient and environmentally friendly.
The recovery of rainwater is a technique already used by our ancestors to store high-quality water with little effort. If we analyze the current water consumption in a home, we have the paradox that we are buying an expensive resource that falls from heaven to us freely. Why not save and recover this water?

Just a Squall 30 L/m2 and a collecting surface of 150 m2 (1,614 SF), we have a reserve of 4,500 L (1,188 gal) of water free of perfect quality.

Water is life and the necessary balance to our environment. Occasionally there in abundance and other scarce; is why the optimal management of this good nature is a necessity and a challenge to the sustainability of our society.

A part of the environmental consequences to over-exploit the resource, it’s very limited and also expensive treatments for their purification, desalination or transporting the same to the consumer, making the cost of water increase rapidly. This is impacting the consumer prices, which continue to increase in the future.

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