Benefits of rainwater harvesting

Up to 50% of the water we use in our homes can be replaced by rainwater. It can be used in all those applications that do not require potable water, such as toilets, washing machine, washing the car, general cleaning or for irrigation. In addition, the rainwater is of excellent quality; we water our plants without chlorine or chemicals and maintain washing machine free of lime.

Rainwater Harvesting Solutions

Water is collected on the roof or ceiling, is channeled through the downspouts, filtered and fed in any of our rainwater harvesting solutions. The GRAF tanks are manufactured by injecting high density polypropylene Duralen, making that does not require any other treatment for optimal conservation and use of water. The control bomb of rainwater GRAF, supply us at all points where we want to use: toilet, washing machine, garden, garage and many others.  In case if the water of the tank be depleted, the control bombs will automatically connect to the main water system.

Water tanks for garden

GRAF offers a simpler solution to have pure water for our garden. You adapt a small filter to the downpipe of the roof, then connect it to the garden decorative tank and just simply store pure water for irrigation.

Garden decorative tanks can take many forms; from amphorae with Mediterranean flair to elegant columns to help you save and make your own garden or terrace style.